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 A Message to my Sister: I've Got a Testimony is a powerful show focused on Breast Cancer.  Women from all of the world will call in to discuss their fight and victory over Breast Cancer and how it has affected the Friends and Families. The HOST of the show - Victorianne Russell-Walton is a Breast Cancer Survivor/Advocate/Warrior. Check out some of our Guest and their interviews. 


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Open Mic at Hampton Roads Family Show



Open Mic at Hampton Roads Family Show – Special Guest:  Linda Griffin



Special Guest:  AvaLaura Berry and Special Guest: Barbara Holt Streeter



Special Guest:  Tyesha Shaw with Citi Bank



Special Guest: Karen Harrison Hampton Breast Cancer Survivors & Resources featuring Minutes by Marcellus



Special Guest:  POP DeaChae Crawford  featuring  Minutes by Marcellus



Special Guest: Vivian Dixon     featuring Marcellus Barnard Minutes by Marcellus


Special Guest: 



Special Guest: Dr. Craig Wiener - Author of Parenting Your Child with ADHD



Special Guest: 



Special Guest: 


13. Special Guest: 


14. Special Guest: 


15. Special Guest: 


16. Special Guest: 


17. Special Guest: 


18. Special Guest: 


19. Special Guest: 


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21. Special Guest: 


22. Special Guest: Karen Beach  and featuring Marcellus Barnard Minutes by Marcellus


23. Special Guest: Joanne English Rollieson Known as the “Realtor to the Stars”, a two-time cancer survivor with family roots embedded in America’s Civil Rights movement.


24. Special Guest:  Shannon Baylor- Henderson The “Start-Up” coach provides you with motivated, action-driven


25. Special Guest: Carl O'Helvie Believed to be The Longest Living Lung Cancer Survivor Offers Holistic /Alternative Ways to Prevent /Treat Lung Cancer and Also Have a Long Healthy Life and featuring Marcellus Barnard Minutes by Marcellus


26. Special Guest:  Rebecca L. Mahan Author and creator of the V.O.T.E., Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events and featuring Marcellus Barnard Minutes by Marcellus


27. Special Guest: 


28. Special Guest: Michael J. Russer    successful businessman with 46 years of personal experience handling various financial situations for both himself and others – and getting the desired results.


29. Special Guest: 



Special Guest:  Harris Glasser