Purposely Involved N Keeping Individuals Educated

A unique way of bringing the community together through an intervention designed to address some of the psychosocial barriers faced by women requiring mammograms. In 2013 we have registered over 400 women to receive a free Mammogram and follow up care. The events are held in the community to ensure easy accessibility, and child care is provided — not only during the party, but also at the time of a mammogram if necessary — thereby removing a potential barrier in keeping a participant’s appointment. The P.I.N.K.I.E.  Parties are equipped with a D.J., our famous pink couch, pink podium, swag bags, healthy food, access to health wellness, and beauty professionals. Women are educated regarding their insurance benefits, learn about the importance of health screenings (an annual well-woman exam that includes a mammogram), and about the health resources available in their community. Finally, women participate in the development of a family tree whose purpose is to heighten awareness of the familial context of breast cancer. Women often clearly understand their familial risk factors for the first time after completing the family tree, which June provide a much-needed push to have participants go to get a mammogram.

We want to insure that all women have the opportunity to have a Mammogram, which can save a life. There are resources available to assist with this being a reality.

At our P.I.N.K.I.E.   Parties women and men have the opportunity to receive a form and information about

a free or low-cost mammogram and follow up care. We are connected with many Cancer organizations in the community and resources around the world.


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