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Mission Statement


It’s In The Genes, LLC – a health advocacy organization dedicated to serving as a critical voice in today’s culture, advancing awareness and research, to mitigate the impact of legacy diseases on the lives of the most vulnerable populations throughout the United States.


It’s In The Genes, LLC To Educate Breast Cancer Survivors and Caregivers with current and available resources in the community. While Empowering and Developing a strong spiritual foundation. 

This year alone we have reached over 600 women and have registered with your assist over 150 women for a free mammogram.


It’s In The Genes, LLC provides much needed community outreach to minority populations with an emphasis on identifying and eliminating clinical risk factors for disease. Through its dedication to wellness and prevention, It’s In The Genes, LLC will begin to decrease the ethnic disparities, which currently plague our existing health care system.


Key Messages Related to Disease States Addressed:

It’s In The Genes, LLC believes that minority populations are disproportionately affected by the following diseases and health care practices:

  • Breast, Ovarian Prostate Cancer

  • Diabetes


It’s In The Genes, LLC believes that through culturally based educational workshops, health care professionals will change their treatment practices and move toward more aggressive and effective treatment of Breast Cancer,  Ovarian Cancer and Diabetes,


It’s In The Genes, LLC believes that through a comprehensive community-based outreach education and screening program minority populations can begin to change lifestyle behaviors that predispose them to increased risk of morbidity and mortality from chronic diseases.


It’s In The Genes, LLC focuses on education and training efforts toward Medical Assistants and Patient Navigators. Through strategic partnerships with healthcare organizations and technical colleges, It’s In The Genes, LLC will facilitate access to Medical Assistants and Community Health Workers with an interested in chronic disease management.




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