Our local 
students ar
e busy creating Cancer Cards for  Cancer Patients Around the World - The Ribbon of Love Project. 
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If your class would like to participate - just email us. We would love to collaborate with you. 
If you would like a card or know someone in need, please read out to us. We would love to send a smile.
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Victorianne Breast Cancer Special
Victorianne Breast Cancer Special

I am a Survivor, Advocate, Warrior fighting Breast Cancer issues in the community.
It’s in the Genes, LLC  assist those dealing with Cancer issues by educating, empowering and informing about Breast Cancer and resources. As an Advocate, I understand what you are going through and I can assist with connecting the dots.  We know that our help is needed if we are going to win against this fight and we are ready to Do Something.
We can assist you with navigating through your fight with the organizations, non profits and hospitals that are really assisting in the fight against Cancer.