June 25, 2016  10am - 2pm Location: Howard University Cancer Center Front yard 2041 Georgia Ave NW #220, Washington, DC 20060

September 10, 2016 Providence Hospital - Large Conference Room, Side Parking Lot


ORGANIZERS: It’s In The Genes, LLC


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PURPOSE:  Bring men together, one location to celebrate them and to introduce them to services and available resources.  We bring the community together to address and focus on the health disparities in our community.  This is the first ever MAN CAVE so we are excited to be ground floor with this program. The events are held in the community at a hospital  to ensure easy accessibility, and child care is provided — not only during the party, but also at the time of a all testing if necessary — thereby removing a potential barrier in keeping a participant’s appointment.  Each event is equipped with a D.J., , access to health wellness, and health professionals. Men are educated regarding their insurance benefits, learn about the importance of health screenings (an annual man exam that includes a prostate exam), and about the health resources available in their community.


We want to insure that all men have the opportunity to have a prostate exam, heart, diabetes and HIV /AIDS testing, which can save a life. There are resources available to assist with this being a reality. We want them to get everything checked while at the party!










BENEFITS of the Man Cave:

At the Man Cave© we educate about resources and services for targeted residents and patients by increasing knowledge of the disease and preventions their available resources at AmeriHealth Caritas and Community Organizations.


 2. Build a better and more effective connection with health care providers and the community. To collaborate and address current gaps in services and resources bringing the women in the community in to deal with their Health Disparities: Cancer, Diabetes, Strokes, Heart and High Blood Pressure.


3. Bring men together, one location to celebrate them. To have neccssarry conversations about Mental, Spirit, Physical, Emotional Support.